There are many different issues that can arise when setting up Looking Glass. Below is a list of known issues with potential solutions:

When launching Looking Glass the desktop doesn’t appear

  • Using an AMD GPU?

    • After the end of the Radeon HD Series, new AMD GPUs go to sleep when no display is connected. For this reason, one of two conditions must be met.

  1. The GPU needs to remain plugged into a monitor (this is good for testing & troubleshooting).

  2. The GPU needs to have a dummy plug installed which presents itself as a monitor.

The clipboard is not working

  • Is clipboard synchronization enabled?

  • Did you install the Spice Guest Tools?

    • The SPICE Guest Tools driver must be installed on the host OS to synchronize the clipboard. The download is labeled “spice-guest-tools”.


      Do NOT install the QEMU Guest Tools driver. These are not the same.

    • Is it installed twice?

      • The Spice VDAgent is available in both Spice Guest Tools, and standalone as a separate installer. Check your installed programs and uninstall the VDAgent if it’s installed separately.