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Looking Glass plugin for Open Broadcaster Software

Adding the plugin as a video source
Plugin configuration settings

If you're streaming games on a guest VM from your host, and you're using Looking Glass, there is a plugin available for OBS to stream video directly from Looking Glass. This avoids the overhead from recording the Looking Glass client, which reduces latency to your viewers.

Build Instructions

The OBS plugin is included in the main source tree of Looking Glass. The building process is very similar to the client's.


The OBS plugin requires the following extra dependencies

  • libobs-dev

Please install this package or the equivalent in your package manager.

Debian / Ubuntu
apt-get libobs-dev
Fedora 29+ (RPM Fusion)
dnf install obs-studio-devel
Arch / Manjaro

Devel files included in main package

pacman -Syu obs-studio
Void Linux
xbps-install -Syu obs-devel


These instructions are the same as when building the client

mkdir obs/build
cd obs/build
cmake ../


The resulting liblooking-glass-obs.so file should be placed in your OBS plugin directory.

mkdir -p ~/.config/obs-studio/plugins/looking-glass-obs/bin/64bit
cp liblooking-glass-obs.so ~/.config/obs-studio/plugins/looking-glass-obs/bin/64bit


Once installed, you can select the "Looking Glass Client" source from the OBS sources menu. The configuration only requires the IVSHMEM file that is used by the VM, and this is pre-populated with the default filename for Looking Glass.

Open Broadcaster Software

The plugin is made for OBS, an open source streaming and recording studio. Find out more at https://obsproject.com/

It's available under most distributions as obs-studio or just obs.