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There are many different issues that can arise when setting up Looking Glass. Below is a list of known issues with potential solutions:

When Launching Looking Glass the Desktop Doesn't Appear[edit]

  • Using an AMD GPU?
    • After the end of the Radeon HD Series AMD started incorporating a feature into their GPU's that effectively puts the card to sleep when no display is connected. For this reason one of two conditions need to be met.
  1. The GPU needs to remain plugged into a monitor (this is good for testing & troubleshooting).
  2. The GPU needs to have a plug like the ones used in GPU Crypto mining installed to trick the card into thinking that a display is connected.

The Clipboard is not Working[edit]

  • Did you enable it?
  • Did you install the Spice Guest Tools?
    • Before you can Copy/Paste content between the Guest and the Host you must install the SPICE Guest Tools driver. The download is labeled as "spice-guest-tools".
      • NOTE: Do make sure that you do NOT install the QEMU Guest Tools driver. These are not the same.
  • Are you using Wayland?
    • Clipboard functionality is not compatible with Wayland. If you are using it you need to disable it for the clipboard to work.

Followed Installation Instructions but Looking Glass Still Doesn't Launch[edit]

At times depending on your distribution circumstances can cause Looking Glass to still not run. Below is a list of known issues that can prevent Looking Glass from running properly.


AppArmor is a security application that can prevent Looking Glass from running. How to add security exceptions may vary on your distribution:


Start by opening the file /etc/apparmor.d/abstractions/libvirt-qemu. Now locate and edit the following lines to represent how they appear in the example:

# for usb access
   /dev/bus/usb/** rw,
   /etc/udev/udev.conf r,
   /sys/bus/ r,
   /sys/class/ r,
   /run/udev/data/* rw,
   /dev/input/* rw,

# Looking Glass
   /dev/shm/looking-glass rw,

Save, exit, and restart AppArmor:

sudo systemctl restart apparmor