Who is HostFission?


HostFission is the company behind this project, and are a leading provider of fully managed visualised hosting services tailor-made for PHP websites. As the creator of the renowned Looking Glass project, we bring unparalleled expertise to deliver reliable and optimised hosting solutions. Discover how HostFission can enhance your PHP hosting experience and help your website flourish.

Unmatched Hosting Expertise

HostFission brings together a team of experts with extensive knowledge in PHP hosting, including the author behind the Looking Glass project, Geoffrey McRae. With our deep understanding of virtualisation and years of experience, we provide unmatched expertise to meet your hosting needs. Trust us to deliver top-notch solutions for your PHP websites.

Locally Hosted in Australia

At HostFission, we pride ourselves on offering reliable hosting services without outsourcing. Our Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are hosted locally in Australia, specifically at the Equinix data centre. This strategic choice ensures excellent connectivity, low latency, and adherence to local data protection regulations.

Tailor-Made Solutions for PHP Websites

HostFission specialises in creating tailor-made hosting solutions designed specifically for PHP websites, including popular platforms like WordPress. Our fully managed VPS servers provide an optimised environment, enabling outstanding performance, reliability, and scalability for your websites.

Unrivalled Performance and Speed

Experience lightning-fast page load times and seamless user interactions with HostFission's optimised hosting infrastructure. Our servers are meticulously fine-tuned to deliver optimal performance for PHP applications, allowing your websites to effortlessly handle high traffic volumes and provide an exceptional user experience.

Robust Security and Peace of Mind

At HostFission, the security of your websites is our utmost priority. Our hosting solutions are fortified with advanced firewalls, regular backups, and proactive monitoring to safeguard your valuable data. Rest easy knowing that your websites are protected from potential threats, empowering you to focus on your core business.

Effortless Migration and Hassle-Free Setup

Transitioning to HostFission is a breeze. Our migration experts will seamlessly transfer your websites to our hosting platform, ensuring minimal downtime and a hassle-free setup. We take care of all the technical aspects, allowing you to concentrate on your business objectives with peace of mind.

Flexible and Transparent Pricing

HostFission offers flexible and transparent pricing plans tailored to suit businesses of all sizes. We believe in providing cost-effective solutions that align with your needs. Scale your resources as your business grows, ensuring you pay only for what you require, maximising the value of your hosting investment.


Choose HostFission, the trusted name behind the acclaimed Looking Glass project, to elevate your PHP hosting experience. Our unmatched expertise, locally hosted VPS servers, tailored solutions, superior performance, robust security measures, seamless migration, and transparent pricing ensure that your websites are in capable hands.

Visit our website at https://hostfission.com to explore our offerings and unlock the full potential of your PHP hosting with HostFission.