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Key Bindings[edit]


By default Looking Glass uses the Scroll Lock key as the escape key for commands as well as the input capture mode toggle, this can be changed using the -m switch if you desire a different key. Below are a list of current key bindings:

Command 	Description
ScrLk 	Toggle cursor screen capture
ScrLk+F 	Full Screen toggle
ScrLk+V 	Video stream toggle
ScrLk+I 	Spice keyboard & mouse enable toggle
ScrLk+N 	Toggle night vision mode (EGL renderer only!)
ScrLk+Q 	Quit
ScrLk+Insert 	Increase mouse sensitivity (in capture mode only)
ScrLk+Del 	Decrease mouse sensitivity (in capture mode only)
ScrLk+F1 	Send Ctrl+Alt+F1 to the guest
ScrLk+F2 	Send Ctrl+Alt+F2 to the guest
ScrLk+F3 	Send Ctrl+Alt+F3 to the guest
ScrLk+F4 	Send Ctrl+Alt+F4 to the guest
ScrLk+F5 	Send Ctrl+Alt+F5 to the guest
ScrLk+F6 	Send Ctrl+Alt+F6 to the guest
ScrLk+F7 	Send Ctrl+Alt+F7 to the guest
ScrLk+F8 	Send Ctrl+Alt+F8 to the guest
ScrLk+F9 	Send Ctrl+Alt+F9 to the guest
ScrLk+F10 	Send Ctrl+Alt+F10 to the guest
ScrLk+F11 	Send Ctrl+Alt+F11 to the guest
ScrLk+F12 	Send Ctrl+Alt+F12 to the guest