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OBS for other distributions

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== Looking Glass plugin The OBS plugins requires many client dependencies, along with the libobs devel files. The following is a list of the required dependencies for Open Broadcaster Software =other distros. The building method is the same as the normal client, as described in the [ Official Documentation].
[[File:Looking-Glass-OBS-Source-Add.png|thumb|Adding the plugin as a video source]] [[File:Looking-Glass-OBS-config.png|thumb|Plugin configuration settings]]You can add a Looking Glass video feed to OBS as a video source with the included OBS plugin. This provides a lower-latency alternative to capturing the Looking Glass client window with a Screen or Window Capture source. This may help improve your viewers' experience watching your stream, and allows you to use your host without them seeing. === Build Instructions ===The OBS plugin is included in the main source tree of Looking Glass. The building process is very similar to the [[Installation#Looking_Glass_Client|client's]]. ==== Dependencies ==== The OBS plugin requires the following extra dependencies alongside the [[Installation#Installing_Build_Dependencies|client's build dependencies]].* libobs-dev Please install this package or the equivalent in your package manager. ===== Debian / Ubuntu =====<syntaxhighlight lang=bash>apt-get install libobs-dev</syntaxhighlight> ===== Fedora 29+ ([ RPM Fusion]) =====
<syntaxhighlight lang=bash>
dnf install obs-studio-devel
===== OpenSuSE Leap 15.1+ ([ Packman]) =====
<syntaxhighlight lang=bash>
zypper in obs-studio-devel
===== Arch Linux / Manjaro =====
Devel files included in main package
<syntaxhighlight lang=bash>
===== Void Linux =====
<syntaxhighlight lang=bash>
xbps-install -Syu obs-devel
</syntaxhighlight> ==== Building ==== These instructions are the same as when building the [[Installation#Building|client]]<syntaxhighlight lang=bash>mkdir obs/buildcd obs/buildcmake ../make</syntaxhighlight> === Installation === The resulting file should be placed in your OBS plugin directory. <syntaxhighlight lang=bash>mkdir -p ~/.config/obs-studio/plugins/looking-glass-obs/bin/64bitcp ~/.config/obs-studio/plugins/looking-glass-obs/bin/64bit</syntaxhighlight> === Setup === Once installed, you can select the ''"Looking Glass Client"'' source from the OBS sources menu. The configuration only requires the IVSHMEM file that is used by the VM, and this is pre-populated with the default filename for Looking Glass. == Open Broadcaster Software ==The plugin is made for OBS, an open source streaming and recording studio. Find out more at It's available under most distributions as ''obs-studio'' or just ''obs''.


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